Family & Couples Counseling in Littleton, CO…

Dear friend,

I know in the process of finding the right counselor to help you deal with couples, children or family counseling issues that make you feel vulnerable or uncomfortable, and that you might be feeling nervous or unsure of where to turn.

I invite you to call me and interview me on the phone.  My job is to help you connect with your truest self, your feelings, your insights, your truth.  In this process,I can help you re-connect with who you truly are. I can help you heal the blocks to the expression of who you are and I can help you identify your dreams, purpose and passion and then coach you in the expression of your authentic self.

I meet you where YOU are with a holistic approach looking at your issues on all levels: emotional, physical, relational, spiritual, financial and intellectual.

I go beyond traditional long-term talk therapies and empower you with a wide variety of effective modalities.
I provide a safe and supportive environment for exploring and resolving obstacles to your growth and well being.

Because I have been a therapist for so long, and I have been working on myself for over 40 years, I know how to guide you on your journey back to your truest and deepest self. Being a therapist is my area of creativity. I dont really cook or sew, I like to think of myself as a holistic midwife empowering my clients to connect with their dreams, desires and passions and express these in the world.

Over the years I have come to recognize how empowering it can be for us when we deepen our respect for the sacred nature of our unique selves and when we learn to listen carefully and wholisticly to the inherent wisdom that resides in and unfolds deep within. –Suzanne Carter

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