Being who you are:

The Agony and The Ecstasy


Truly, there is one point of your life and that is to be the ONE that you have come here to be. This means, being willing to connect to the truth of who you are, discover your soul’s purpose, identify your gifts that will enable you to manifest your purpose and then go forth.

Easy? NO?

Possible? You have no choice really because it is the purpose of your life.

How simple this sounds: To simply be who you are. And in doing this, you bless the world.

Why then is it so hard? The answer is because we are taught that some people are more important. Some people have more gifts. Some people are better than YOU.

Of course, these things that the world teaches are simply not true.

We are each made in the likeness of the Divine, however you see the Divine. This means that we are all equal.

One of my favorite lines that I came up with several years ago is this:






This means that the very life within me is equal to the life in all other humans and for that matter the life in me is equal to the life in the trees, the flowers, the seas and more. We humans have a higher consciousness than these other forms but it is the same life essence.

So, I have been working on fulfilling my soul path for most of my life. And so, one would think that it should not be that hard for me.  This article now turns to what we should do when we are knocked off our path (usually by unconscious individuals), and what to do to return to our paths even more strong and more aware.


  1. When you fall off your path, the first thing to do is have a re-connecting practice or more than one. Examples of this:

Hiking, biking, journaling, meditating, talking to someone who is also a seeker and whom you know loves you and will not give advice but will listen to you in love. There are many other “return Practices”, and the key to make them work the best is to use them daily, then when you really need them, they will be there for you.

  1. If someone harmed you, then decide whether speaking your truth to them in an NVC(Non Violent Communication: just google if unfamiliar) format is a good idea. If they are open and receptive to the relationship continuing, then go ahead without any expectations.
  2. Spend at least 30 minutes going over what were the triggers that knocked you down, so you can learn from them next time.
  3. In this world and at this time, there are many people who would rather tear someone else down so they can feel good about themselves rather than deal with their own unhealed shadow issues. Do not argue with these people: keep them out of your life if you can and if you have to interact with them treat them as if they were a 7-11 clerk that you will never see again.
  4. If you were knocked off by someone that you thought was a “safe” person, this can really hurt. It is at these times, that you might consider a session of counseling. There is a lot of chaos in the world right now and many people are responding by going “1-up” into grandiosity, and then from this false place, they think they are better than and know more and have the “right” to judge and attack others. I have personally been attacked by 3 different people in the last month, and these people were on the “safe but not friends list”. It really shocked me. It made me realize that some people are going to attack more now and when this happens, GET OUT/GET AWAY from them. They do not want anything from you but to stand on you. AND, “There is no excuse for abuse”, so if someone wants you in their lives so they can look down their nose, get out from underneath them.
  5. Finally consider reading my next blog on Learning to Love our selves.
  6. Take some time to re-connect with your own Soul purpose and take one tiny step toward it’s fulfillment.