D J Trump is not your Savior!

D J Trump is NOT your savior



He pretends to be a “savior” for all of those who voted for him.

Those who voted for him so want to believe that there is one person that can do “it” for them so they don’t have to, they will be sorely disappointed.


We all have to do our own inner work and find our own “inner savior”.

All great spiritual leaders have in fact modeled this truth for us.

Many believe that Jesus Christ is their Savior.

As a Unity Minister of 31 years now, and a person who has studied with some of the greatest spiritual leaders of our time, I agree with Jesus when he said:


Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these………….John 14;12


And a quick Metaphysical interpretation tells us that the Christ within us, is the guiding force (in all of creation that is faith neutral) that will enable each of us to the right thing, take the authentic action that is always based on love, and light and life. That is, as we connect to and “believe” in this guiding force, we will in fact be able to do “even greater things”.



All of the great spiritual leaders teach us that the one who will do the saving is within.  Then we must all work together so that the planet and all of her creatures will be “saved” or empowered to live from the “truth” of who we are. We must live from this inner authenticity and from that place we are connected to the Truth of who we are.


The problem is that people would rather have someone as I said do “it” for them and when we do this,  we abdicate our own self-worth, and empower the other as the KEY to our own joy, peace, prosperity or wholeness.


Then we become co-dependent and we are out of touch with our own guiding light that will illuminate our path. As we choose to live from our own inner truth, from our own authentic self, we will know what to do. From this place of inner truth, we are all connected and we can work TOGETHER, honoring the TRUTH, THE UNIVERSAL TRUTH, that we are all equal. We are each whole and complete, and when even ONE is lost or in pain, we are all “lost and in pain”.


So, for today, I invite you, if only for today, to try on the thoughts in this article. I invite you to reject that some people are better than others. I invite you to know that all of life has the presence of Divine Goodness within, and we must work together to manifest this Goodness for all creatures whether of fur, fin, feather or skin.