The very presence of Goodness is within you: please live from this place.

On January 18, 2018, Senator Jeff Flake of Arizona spoke to the senate about what President Trump is doing by not being committed to the truth. I would highly recommend googling the speech that Senator Flake gave.

Today, this short article addresses how a Republican Senator could find the courage to stand for Truth even if it meant going against the Republican President.

Deep within all of creation, there is an awareness of Goodness.  My article is based on two spiritual truths:

  1. Humanity and all of creation is innately good
  2. The resources of this goodness are directly available to each person.

I call this innate wisdom and goodness, our inner knowing. It does not matter what you call it, what matters is that you are willing to be connected to it. I believe this is the answer to solving the problems of the world and I think the solution begins with a willingness to connect to our Inner knowing and then be willing to speak from this place. This is the center of Truth within all. Because we are all unique,  each person’s awareness of Truth will be different.  Some may call the inner knowing, their gut instinct or their intuition or their conscience or the place where the Divine resides within. But we all have this inner center of Goodness.

Senator Flake was choosing to come from this place of Goodness, despite what the President thought or would do.   And, actually, I believe that it is our very nature to learn to connect to this place of inner goodness and to live our lives from this place. It is not always easy to connect to and then act from this place of Goodness.


However, when we do, we are using our “higher brain” and when we do this, we are helping to  restore wholeness to our world. The higher brain, or what I affectionately call our Wizard Brain teaches about oneness and the actions we take can help lead to wholeness in our world. When we choose to not come from this higher brain, we often choose to come from the lower brain, also known as our survival brain, reptile brain or what I call the Lizard brain. Lizard brain is only in it for himself. Lizard brain believes there is only a certain amount to go around and so we might as well seek it “all” for ourselves. Lizard brain is the source of bullying. Lizard brain is very connected to the shadow within us, that part of us where all unhealed issues reside.


The Wizard brain on the other hand enables us to rise up and come from a higher place that will serve wholeness, oneness and goodness.

Senator Jeff Flake was coming from this place of Goodness.


I invite all who resonate with these ideas to work to connect with  this inner place of Goodness. Our planet and her survival depend on this.


Because of these truths, I often say this:


God is every one of us together:

The Rocks, the Trees, The flowers and the Seas,

And all Creatures whether of

Fur, Fin, Feather or Skin



If you would like a presentation on these to your church or group, please call me. My book, ALL CHILDREN ARE GIFTED: Raising Confident and Aware Children presents these ideas as well.