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Stand BY me, NOT ON me…………….

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~Stand by me, NOT on me~   If the only way you can be seen is to give yourself away, what good it is to be seen? If the only way you can be “loved”, is to meet all of their needs first, when will it ever be your turn? If the only way to be supported is to let them stand on you, how long can you hold them up before you fall

The Problem with Trumpian Thinking……………

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The Problem with Trumpian thinking #45’s biggest flaw is this: He presumes to know what is right for everyone. It is impossible for someone to know what is right for another. This is 100% true for adults no matter what type of relationship they are in be it a coupleship, A CEO with his or her board, a Parenting relationship or the President of the United States when determining how to move forward for

The Room of a 1000 Demons or what to do when your worst fears seem to be coming true…..

By | January 22nd, 2017|Categories: Adult, Couples Therapy, Grief Therapy, World|

Love Blog number 5 When your worst fears seem to be coming true: Or how to negotiate “The room of a 1000 demons” Many years ago, in a workshop put on by William O’Hanlon, author and workshop presenter, he told us this story. When your worst fears appear to be coming true, it is as if you have entered The Room of a 1000 demons. The way to get though this room is to

~ Being YOU~

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Love Blog number 3 1/16/17~BEING YOU~   This week, I had three adults tell me that they did not know what I was talking about when I suggested that they needed to really nurture their inner child.   The truth is, if one was not nurtured as a child, then of course they would not know how to nurture some imaginary part of themselves that is called an inner child. John Bradshaw (internationally famous author

Be the ONE you have come here to BE

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Love Blog number 2 1/15/17   ~BE THE ONE YOU HAVE COME HERE TO BE~   There is deep within you an awareness of your Authentic self, the one you have come here to be. It takes courage to first hear the call of your authentic self. It takes even more courage to connect with it and finally, it takes the most courage you have ever mustered to begin to stand for and to

Love Blog Number 1: Always Remember How Much You are loved.

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Love Blog number 1 1/14/17 This will be a series of blogs, a daily one page article that will empower you to listen to your Inner Knowing and learn how to love yourself. For it is to the degree that we love ourselves that we can love others.   Bring to mind a sadness that you are feeling that was stimulated by someone else’s action or lack of action. Think of what you wanted