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cousseling1-copy-copyI have chosen to make the field of Couple’s Counseling, a major area of my study and therefore my expertise.

 Couple’s Counseling is a very complex and tricky area.  Some therapists understand the theory behind a certain methodology for couple’s counseling but may not have practiced it in their own relationships.  Others may be very good and compassionate about the difficulties couples may be going through but have no methodology to help the couple. I have developed a vast set of skills and understand the methodology; and I have a gift of compassion and empathy and so I truly can say that I know and practice the “Art and Science” of couple’s counseling.
I meet the couple wherever they are, listen to see where they want to go, and help them to that place of “happily ever after”. However, this place is something that is worked for every day; it is not a destination but a wonderful journey that can bring JOY.  This place is then a refuge for the couple, a harbor in the stormy seas of life that we cannot avoid.

Communication Troubles with your Partner?couples2-copy-copy

Most couples say communication is their number one issue. You can learn how to communicate effectively, setting good boundaries and speak your truth without attack.  Get 50% off your first session with your partner.

Couple’s counseling: Suzanne has extensive experience and training in this field. She is able to help the couple find new ways of communicating, problem solving, discover the real purpose of their marriage and truly find the way to the deepest emotional and spiritual intimacy that a couple can experience which is the “Pearl of great price”.

Suzanne has trained with the best relationship experts in the country: John Gottman, John Bradshaw, John Gray, Terry Real, Pia Mellody, Sharon Wegschieder, Harville Hendrix, Bill O’Hanlon, Maria Nemeth and more. She has created an eclectic syle that will meet you where you are in your relationship and help you heal, deal and Win together.

Relationship Counseling has changed drastically in the last 10 years. Research has shown what makes couples succeed and Suzanne helps the couple find the right researched method.

If you would like to schedule an appointment or learn more, feel free to contact me.  You can also check out my book!

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