playtheapy2-copy-copyThrough the medium of Play (the Child’s natural medium of expression), the child is able to deal with and heal many issues that are getting in the way of his or her normal development

Play Therapy can almost seem magical in it’s healing ability because the therapist does not need to force the child to sit down and then direct the child to “tell me all about your problems and what caused them”.  The Play Therapist creates a safe and supportive environment for the child to naturally express through play what is blocking the expression of their wholeness.  Parents often express surprise that the details of the problem were not addressed directly but rather through the Play Therapy, the child was able to work through their problemplaytherapy1-copy-copys.

Some therapists find it difficult to work with children but I actually love it. When a child is listened to with love and respect, they feel safe and able to “play out “, whatever is bothering them so they can move forward.

I use a variety of play therapy modalities such as sand tray therapy, art therapy, a form of children’s psychodrama using stuff animals and much more.