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My rates are some of the best in the country. I have 35+ years of experience and depending on what issues you are dealing with, I can help you move forward in as little as four sessions. I also have a 60 minute hour as opposed to a 45 to 50 minute hour.

Cost Per Session: $95 to $120
Financial Hardship: Sliding Scale Rate may apply (call me!)

Regarding Insurance

1.  Once you use your insurance for counseling, you will  have a diagnosis that will follow you for the rest of your life! The insurance companies REQUIRE the psychotherapist submitting a bill to them to come up with a diagnostic code. I had one client who was talked in to going on an anti-depressant for just one month because she had lost her mother. In that month, she changed insurance companies or tried to. The new insurance company said she had a history of depression and would not insure her! This is a true story! She came to me and we did 4 weeks of grief counseling and she was on her way to a new sense of emotional well-being and she was prescription drug free.  Typically, you do not need prescription drugs to heal the losses in your life. You need an expert psychotherapist who has done her own work and can help you move forward to a life you may have only imagined before.

2. I Am on some Employee Assistance Insurance panels. These are:  Mutual of Omaha, Health Advocate, and Mines in Colorado.  If you do have an EAP with your place of work, call your plan director and ask if they are accepting new licensed psychotherapists. If they are, they typically will let me apply for their EAP and I can then see you for the allotted number of sessions that your plan allows.  Some therapists will not do this because of the work involved in applying and the lower rate that most EAPs allow for. I am currently willing to do this as long as you give me the correct number of the EAP manager.

My passion in this life is to help people connect with their own Truth, their own authentic path and in doing this they become a hero in their own life! They become the master of their existence and make their deepest dreams come true. This can be you as well!

I do a 20 minute complimentary Q & A for you to interview me via the phone to  see if I can meet your needs.

I can also give you names and numbers of organizations that have supervised graduate students doing counseling and can offer somewhat lower rates.

If you would like to schedule an appointment or learn more, feel free to contact me.  You can also check out my book!

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