Lately, I have heard many times; many more times than I can stomach, “Well I am going to be positive and not put anything negative on my Facebook page”.

The truth is, I have tried to not put anything false on my page although I have posted many posts about facts that have happened in the Presidency of Donald Trump.

Many people think that if is something outrageous that he has done, that by posting the facts, that I am being negative.

This is a problem with the “positive” movement.

That is, there is a tendency to coat facts (even if they reflect something that is outrageous or offensive to the higher self in all of us), with an asphalt of affirmation or to just “ignore” these facts and just say something positive.

Friends, Thumper’s Mother   was wrong!  Thumper’s Mother told her baby bunny: “If you can’t’ say anything nice, don’t say anything at all”. ( some say it Thumper’s Father 😊)

When something offends our higher consciousness, when something goes against the very grain of who we are as Americans, we need to say something. We need to speak our truth from the “I”, after having good boundaries so we are not attacking.

There is a tendency to ignore our feelings, the very part of us that can give us information about how something affects us. And, having ignored our feelings, our mind can direct us to only be “positive”. This is exactly what offensive people want us to do. They want us to ignore the bad behavior and just take the high road.

The problem is the high road is not about just going positive. It is about speaking our truth from the “I” without attack.  And in order to speak our truth, we need to access all levels of knowing. There are 4 levels of knowing according to Carl Jung, famous Swiss Psychiatrist. These 4 levels empower us to truly gather information about how we are see something. The 4 levels:

  • Thinking
  • Feeling
  • Sensing
  • Intuiting

We have the very presence of the Divine within us. And the very presence of the Divine has the ability to enable us to look at facts, feel our feelings and take right action.  And these 4 levels enable each of us take action from a full perspective.

I invite you today to begin taking right action by connecting with all 4 levels of knowing, then speak your truth using a communication tool such as Non-violent Communication. The world will be blessed by you and the world needs each and every one of us to speak our truth and take action.